Phil Campion is a balanced, forceful personality backed by a pragmatic, no-nonsense outlook, and the ability to articulate questions and arguments as you would expect from a former SAS soldier.

Phil has presented for both Sky Atlantic and Sky News and is in demand as a radio pundit and public speaker.

Phil’s expertise is not restricted to military matters, and he is sought after for his unique, sometimes humorous, but always serious take on the whole range of social and news issues of the day, including the economy, personal wellbeing, unemployment, veterans affairs, government, and international topics.

About Phil Campion

Phil Campion is a veteran of military operations in just about every conflict-prone corner of the world. He served with the Royal Hampshires, passed through Commando and Parachute Regiment selection, before being badged with 22 SAS (Special Air Service – British Special Forces).

He is the official champion for the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in the United Kingdom.

Phil is fluent in Spanish and continues to work as a private security operator around the world, though he spends more time on his writing and media opportunities.

Phil is the author of several bestsellers, including Real World SAS Survival Guide, a biography, and several fiction books.

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